WAEC Animal Husbandry Practical 2022/2023 Questions and Answers

Animal Husbandry 2022 WAEC Practical Questions and Answers Because they don't comprehend the questions, many WAEC applicants struggle to correctly answer the WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions. I'll show you how to answer WAEC Animal Husbandry Practical questions correctly so you can do well on your Animal Husbandry test.

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Waec practical animal hospital 2022

Before trying any question, you must first comprehend the WAEC Animal Husbandry Practical marking scheme in order to present your answers in such a way that they would appeal to the examiner and get you high marks.

Keep in mind that each process receives a grade. So, when reporting and presenting your practical outcomes, make sure you don't neglect any steps. Also, keep in mind that precise sketching and labeling are really crucial.

You will be required to conduct an experiment and submit your findings.

What you'll see is quite similar to the WAEC Animal Husbandry Specimen your school received.


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Waec Practical Animal Husbandry Practical Answers 2022 (EXPO)

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(1a) Specimen A is obtained after the groundnut's pods have been removed. The remaining components are subsequently dried.

(1aii) I Specimen A causes farm animals to gain weight.

(ii) It promotes farm animal growth and development.

(iii) It helps farm animals' immunological systems.

I Sowing seed (1bi)

Vegetative propagation (ii)

(1bii) I Making hay

Ensiling (ii)


It can be used to identify animals.

It can also be used to cut hay for livestock.

(iii) Some farm animals are also killed with it.

It can also be used to castrate farm animals.

I Shell (ii) Foot (2ai)


I It is a food source (ii) It is a protein source (iii) It has a modest initial investment need (iv) It has a lot of medicinal properties.

(2aiii) Beetles, Mites, and Nematodes I


It can be used for a variety of purposes, including feeding farm animals, bedding, and farm animal construction

(2bii) It is difficult to control when fully grown, and it can harm farm animals.


Waec animal husbandry (2021 Answers)



(1aiii) (i)It can be eaten as food or combined with beverages.

(ii)It must be used to control blood sugar levels and as a laxative.

1bi) (i)Cutting (ii)Grinding (iii)Soft tissue separation (iv)Bone thin removal (v)Separation of dirt from powered bone

(1bii) (i)Ensure that dirt is separated from the powered finish (ii)Ensure that bone narrow is appropriately removed

(1biii)\s(i)Hydroxyapatite\s(ii)Calcium\s(iii)Phosphorus Cattle – Goat (2ai) Refrigeration/chilling (2) – Canning (3) – Smoking (4) – Irradiation (5) – Curing Cattle – Sheep – Goat – Horses, donkeys, and yaks (2bi)

Lactose – Ice cream – Cheese – Coffee creamer (2bii)

2bii) – Lactose – Ice cream – Cheese – Creamer for coffee


I The trial balance takes into account opening stock, whereas the balance sheet takes into account closing stock.

(ii) The trial balance is not included in the financial statements and final accounts, whereas the balance sheet is.

(3b) I The transactions are not shown on an accrual basis.

(ii) Because no targets are set, it is unable to display surpluses and deficits at the end of the year.

(iii) Non-cash transactions such as asset depreciation, pilferage, and so on are not recorded in the receipts and payments account.

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